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download round2pixel v1.1

What is round2pixel?

round2pixel is a 3rd party panel for use with the Adobe Flash authoring tool. It installs/uninstalls via the Adobe Extension Manager. easy peasy. Once installed, you’ll find it under Windows -> Other Panels.

What does it do?

The round2pixel panel acts like the align panel in that it affects whatever is selected.

  • The first button will move each member of the selection’s x and y to their respective nearest whole pixel.
  • The second button will resize each member of the selection’s width and height to their respective nearest whole pixel.
  • The third will complete both actions.


If you use a lot of pixel fonts or are big on ‘crispness’ you likely hate the hassle of entering new values by hand into the properties panel every time you move or resize something.

Why not just use View -> Snapping -> Snap to Pixels?

That really only comes in handy if it was set prior to the selected objects creation. Even then it can be overridden by the other snapping options. But thanks for being a dick about it.

Known Bugs?

round2pixel does suffer from the roundoff error. I’m working on it.

The tool was built around the popular practice of building all symbols with the registration point at the 0,0 point. There for it attempts to round off registration points on symbols. This will likely change in the next update to where the bounding box is forced into the pixel grid without regard for the registration point.

round2pixel ignores text fields on resize commands as that would stretch the text. This may change in a future update.

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